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Flint, Michigan – where 100,000 residents and 9,000 children are being exposed to dangerous levels of lead in their drinking water – is part of our companion Southeast Michigan Synod. Salem Lutheran Church in Flint is distributing bottled water and filtration devices. The Synod and congregations are working with Salem to bring safe water to Flint.

Won’t you help our sisters and brothers in Southeast Michigan respond to this crisis?

 "Flint families need immediate relief and the community needs enormous assistance to provide safe water for everyone. We do not yet know the full scope of this crisis, and cannot see when it will be over. On behalf of all people of faith, and as members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, I invite everyone who can get a safe drink of tap water today to help our sisters and brothers in every way they can."  -- Bishop Donald Kreiss, Southeast Michigan Synod ELCA

You can direct your generous donation to one of two specific causes:

  • Flint Filters – Help Salem purchase filtration units so families can have safe tap water. Filters cost approximately $30 and have to be replaced regularly.
  • Flint Faucets – Help Salem Lutheran replace pipes and install filtration so that it can serve as a safe water filling station for neighbors.

Thank you!


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